YouPAYOFF.com allows:

  • Users the opportunity to tell their unique stories to the world of why they need money
  • Donors the opportunity to search among videos to find out who deserves their money
  • Visitors the ability to sort videos according to new, featured, and most viewed videos
  • YOUPAYOFF.com is dedicated to closing the gap between less fortunate individuals and those individuals who enjoy a more equitable and financially healthy lifestyle.

    How YouPAYOFF works

    Users register at YouPAYOFF.com with a valid email address. The email address that the user submits at signup will be the email address to which donated money will be sent. The user can retrieve their donations through PayPal©. If the user's email address is not registered with PayPal©, they can still receive the donation; but in order to have access to the money the user will need to create a PayPal© account within 90 days of receiving a donation.

    Registered users can create videos in any standard format and upload them to YouPAYOFF.com.

    That's it! Visitors can view videos and choose to donate to users of their choice.